I have over 20 years experience in photography and videography. If you have any questions, interested in prints, or simply want to hear how I’d approach your big day, please send me an contact me for a free consultation.

I’ve explored every inch of these islands, and I’ll find you the perfect backdrop for your photos. Maybe it’s bright and colorful to add warmth or something dramatic and timeless you can treasure forever.

I’ve spent years in high intensity environments and that’s given me an eye for capturing people in their element. Through a combination of placement, timing, and getting right in the thick of it with you, I get the shots no one else can.
My secret is that I’m good with people. No matter how big or stressful the day, I’ll work with you until we get your inner zen. I promise to coax out your most authentic moments – the smile, the laugh, the glow – and show the world the best version of you.