Hey! Glad you made it. I was just about to head out on another adventure with my camera. Haven’t decided on surf board or hiking shoes… But never mind that for now, let’s spend a few minutes together! Born a West coast boy, I’ve spent the better part of the last decade in Hawai’i diving, hiking, surfing, and taking a lot of photos. Thousands upon thousands in fact. Hard to beat the serene feeling of a sweeping landscape with nobody in it, yet few things are more thrilling than capturing an emotional moment with family and friends full of personality. If you have needs, let’s set up a time to meet and have some bubble tea or a chat on the phone. You can see samples of my work in weddings, family portraits, lifestyle, surf, landscape, and underwater in the links above. Thanks again for visiting me here, hope to hear from you. In the meantime, I’ll see you out there! Aloha.